Our Operating System XOS

Easy-going video surveillance with IP cameras

I XOS: Our product’s centerpiece

With XOS – the XQAND Operating System – you install and administer your video surveillance system and the connected cameras. Our operating system is specially geared to decentralized ip video surveillance.

Safe time

You save time for the search of an ip video software and activate your video surveillance system directly after installing.


Suitable for all MOBOTIX, AXIS and SAMSUNG camera models.


The modern, responsive design ensures greater clarity and intuitive operation.


Use of H.264 and MXPEG codecs for high-quality video data compression and transfer.

I How to install the video system?

Quick and easy. On a safe user interface. At a computer connected to your network. XOS guides you step-by-step through creating the settings.

I How to adjust the cameras?

The XOS Camera Configurator detects the ip cameras automatically. Also, manual configuration is possible by using the ip addresses. You neatly arrange the cameras in groups and configure them suited to your needs.

I How to keep an overview on your cameras?

The XOS Camera Overview shows all system configurated cameras and their latest state of operability. In a convenient way you call up details of your cameras.